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At New Pro Video, our policies are simple. Please review the sales policies below and, as always, contact us with any questions.

  1. Equipment sold through New Pro Video Systems Inc, carries no warranties or guarantees other than those offered by the seller.
  2. When listing equipment for sale with New Pro Video, the seller is asked to supply us with a complete and accurate description of all items, including any accessories and options.
  3. The seller agrees to grant the buyer a 48 hour (2 business day) inspection period upon receipt of equipment, unless otherwise specified, and represents that the equipment is free of any liens, encumbrances and/or UCC's.
  4. Repairs, replacements or refunds resulting from misrepresentation if any, of the equipment, will be at the sole decision of New Pro Video Systems, Inc.
  5. No approved refunds will be disbursed until the equipment in question is returned to and received by the seller.
  6. Buyer is responsible for initial shipping charges.
  7. Seller is responsible for shipping charges if equipment is returned, unless otherwise specified.
  8. All equipment is F.O.B. the seller's point of origin and the buyer is responsible for the suitability and fitness of the equipment's intended use.
  9. All purchases are paid in advance.
  10. Equipment availability subject to prior sale.

To better understand how prices are established there are different factors besides supply and demand that help determine the market value of equipment.

Equipment Type



Serial Number


Usage (type)

Maintenance history



Condition of Equipment 




Hours (if applicable)