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New Pro Video Systems Inc. provides Broadcast and Professional Video equipment appraisals for use by lenders, business owners, accountants, attorneys, and other professionals. All New Pro Video Systems Inc. reports include item detail and narrative specific to the subject equipment that describe the specific value characteristics, current market conditions, and other pertinent factors that impact value.

Our objective is to provide accurate, in-depth information upon which you can rely to make informed business decisions. We achieve this objective by applying our professional experience and training in the broadcast industry.

New Pro Video Systems Inc. offers 2 types of Appraisals:

"Desktop Appraisals" wherein the appraisal is made at the appraiser’s office without inspection of the equipment, based upon data provided by the owner. This can dramatically reduce the cost.


"Regular Appraisals" wherein the appraiser inspects and documents the equipment, and then completes the appraisal report.

Each Equipment Appraisal includes the following:
  • Full description and documentation
  • Comparative Sales, Offering
  • Photographs of all major pieces (Regular Appraisal)

Time to Complete:
Depends on size and scope of job

As equipment appraisals can vary considerably with different purposes or conditions, prices will be quoted once an equipment list has been received and the type of appraisal needed is determined.

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