Testimonial: SaltRun Productions

In looking to make the process of purchasing new and used professional video equipment an easy one for our clients, New Pro Video is always looking to form real relationships with customers and encourage honesty.

Allen Facemire is a director for SaltRun Productions Inc., based out of Florida. He has worked on various features and TV shows over the years, so quality is a key issue to him. Barbara and Allen have had a longstanding interaction based on satisfactory results, and as he himself says, it has developed along with SaltRun’s growth.

It all began when Facemire needed a pair of Betacameras for a show for HGTV. This transaction started a relationship that he describes as a friendship.

“What makes Barbara my sales vendor of choice is she is accessible,” Allen says. “I don’t feel like I get passed on to folks who don’t know me.”

This is critical because used video equipment can change hands so quickly.

Because Allen works in a variety of fields, sometimes in terrible weather conditions, it was especially important that he obtained equipment he could put his faith in.

“Barbara and I have actually become friends though I only met her once at a trade show,” Allen remembers. “She offers personal and professional service while at the same time, she doesn’t beat around the bush.”

The most important and best-suited video equipment may be out there, but not quite on your radar, and with value being a big issue, you need to have faith in the equipment you acquire. Just like a trusty recorder or digital camera, a good provider can be a source of meaningful work you turn to again and again.