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Our Process

We like to work with clients with whom we can establish a sound, trusting relationship. Because of both the wide range of new and used professional video equipment that we offer and our worldwide customer base, we consider the New Pro Video sales process to be an important part of what makes our business so unique.

So much of our customer interactions are from returning clients who were satisfied with the quality of the equipment we sent them, the ease of working with New Pro Video and the continuous efforts to maintain that level of service.

When we start a deal with someone, whether they are buying or selling, we look to their specific video production equipment needs before negotiating the best option between the different two parties.

During this process, it’s important that all parties maintain their own responsibilities and do so in a way that makes the entire process go as smoothly as possible, from the initial inquiry for the deal until its ultimate closure. Barbara is especially skilled at conducting customers through these encounters, so that a one-time transaction evolves into the long-term relationships on which customers can depend.

We also understand that the market could dictate so much of a transaction when it comes to these individual interactions, so we are prepared to stick with these deals until they are ready to be concluded, no matter how long it takes, even if the deal ends up stretching out for months.

Since we have so many professional high-definition video cameras, lenses, recorders and accessories for sale, it would be easy to lose the personal touch amid all of our business, but we don’t let a high level of inventory distract us from connecting with clients and providing access to whatever equipment is required by the seller.

The more the customer trusts us and our processes, the better the situation for everyone, and Barbara considers herself a good judge of character when it comes to her business partners. Our reputation speaks for itself, as much of our new business comes from word of mouth.

You should expect honesty from the used professional video equipment broker you take on and New Pro Video is proud to offer that.