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Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer the very best in customer service by going the extra mile for our clients. Whether Buying or Selling Broadcast/Professional or Digital Cinema Equipment, we will only offer selective, quality used equipment to our Buyers. For our Sellers, we will do our best to market and sell the equipment in an efficient and timely manner. We will always strive to negotiate the best price for the best quality, thus helping our clients complete their work and control their costs.

We get a great deal of satisfaction from assisting start-up businesses and having an opportunity to share our business and equipment experience and expertise, and inspiring new entrepreneurs to success. We have helped many new production companies start up their business by providing low-cost, high quality used broadcast equipment, granting them the ability to start at a professional level with  lower start-up investment. We also get great satisfaction in helping those who are already established in business to utilize their current equipment in order to upgrade to the latest and the greatest equipment while minimizing their costs and maintaining cash flow.

"A Good Deal Is When Everyone is Satisfied"