Get quality camcorder support from an O’Connor tripod

Don't underestimate the importance of having the right tripod: this might seem like a piece of used pro video equipment you can be haphazard about, but an imprecise mount could leave your camera insecure, your shooting schedule out of sorts and your entire production in jeopardy.

Fortunately, at least for those using digital camcorders on the smaller side, our listings can currently boast an O'Connor tripod that offers both adjustability and a solid base from which to work. The support that this item offers can be determined by the quality of the condition that the piece is in.

 If you aren't convinced, consider the fact that when it comes to location shooting, the tripod often IS your shot. Just ask ChicagoNow blogger Ilana Greene, who recently wrote a piece on the importance of this very elemental type of video equipment.

Although Greene mainly refers to the role that this plays in still photography, her words can be just as applicable in the world of cinematography, especially when it comes to the way they can help to develop a keen sense of placement. 

"One of the most important techniques that separate amateur photographers and professionals is shot selection," Greene writes, saying that this can come naturally when someone has a good tripod in use.

The O'Connor can fill both that admittedly broad requirement and others you might have by providing a fluid kind of motion that makes sense for the pace of your work and the kind of experience you wish to create for viewers. You can even consider acquiring this piece first, before looking at some of the other professional digital camcorders for sale.