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3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear
3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear

3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear

3 Ton Grip Truck w/ Gear 

2007 Isuzu NQR 5.2 Liter Automatic Diesel Turbo
16 FT Box Built by Marathon
Complete with INTERLIFT Lift Gate
 Side Door, Small & Larger Jockey Boxes, Back Barn Doors
Only 72,400 Miles


*All carts made by Hollywood Racks and Carts
1-Muscle Cart

1-C-Stand /Taco Cart

1-4x4 Cart

Duz All Cart

1- Head Cart

1-Kinoflo Cart

1- Magliner

12+ Ratchet Straps


32.8ft Pan Tilt Head 5 kilo Camera Crane JibArm Jibs Vide (P-300 Crane)

with 2 Black/Silver Hard Cases for Transport and weights


16- Blue CTB (1/4, 1/2, Full)

28- CTO (1/4, 1/2, Full)

5- Party Yellow

Party Blue

Plus Green (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, Full)

Minus Green (1/2 & Full)

ND (.6)

253 Hampshire Frost

5- 216


Scrap Crate of 2ft Pieces Gel and Black Wrap


12- 40’’ C-stands

3 20’’ C Stands

4-Avenger No Wheels

2-Rolling Avengers

2- 2 Riser Combos

3 Riser Combos

3- 3 Riser Rollers

2-Hi Hi Roller Stands

4- 3ftAluminum Photography Stands


8- 10ft Round Pipe

4ft Round Pipe

5ft Round Pipe

2- 3ft Round Pipe

4- 7ft Round Pipe

9- 4ft Round Pipe

2- 9ft Round Pipe

2- 20ft Round Pipe

10- 6ft Square Pipe

4- 8ft Square Pipe

1-12x12 ft Square Frame

*Note: All bags for overheads, silks are in excellent condition (bought new when

Purchase of the truck) and are color coded with the labels on the truck


1-8x8ft solid

1-6x6ft solid

1-12x12ft solid

1-8x8ft Ultrabounce

1-4x4ft Ultrabounce

1- 12x12ft




1-8x8ft Griff

1-12x12ft Griff

1-6x6ft Full Silent Grid

1-8x8ft 1/4 Silent Grid

12x12ft 1/4 Silent Grid

1- 20x20ft 1/4 Silent Grid

1- 6x6ft Single Double

1-12x12ft Single


1-12x12 Full Silk

1-12x12ft Poly Silk

1- 8x8 ft Full Silk

1-6x6 Imitation Silk

1- 12x12 1⁄4 Silk

1-6x6ft Full Silk

1- 4x4ft Silk

1-20x20ft 1⁄4 Silk

1-12x12ft 1⁄2 SoftFrost

1-6x6ft Unbleached Muslin

4- Furni Pad Blankets

Bag Duvatine Scraps 1- Tarp


2-12x18 Solid Black

2-12x18 Double Net


2-18x24 Solid Black

2- 18x24 Double Net Scrim

1- 18x24 Single Net Scrim

1- 24x36 Triple Net Scrim

5- 24x36 Solid Black Flag

2- 24x36 Single Net Scrim

2- 24x36 Double Net Scrim

1-24x36 Wood Cucoloris (Cookie)

1-24x36 Metal Flag

1- 24x36 Silk

2- 24x36 CTO Frames

1-4x36 White Diffusion

1-48x48 Silk

4- 48x48 Open Frames

1 48x48 Silver Reflector

1- 48x48 Wood Cucoloris

1-48x48 Solid Black Floppy

48x48 Ultrabounce

1 -48x48 Bounce Board

1- 48’’ Circular Diffusion Silk


20x20ft Muslin Digi Green Screen (New-Not included but would negotiate if


12x12ft Green Muslin

9’Chroma Green Wood Plank

8’x5’ Chroma Green Flat


3- 8x4’ Boards

4- 6x2’ Boards


20- 20lb Shotbags

6- 10lb Sandbags

12- 25lb Sandbags

50lb Sandbags


4- Round Corner Frames

Middle Connectors for 1 1⁄4’’ Round Pipe with Ears 2-

Middle Connectors for 1 1⁄4’’ Round Pipe

2- 4 1⁄2 ’’ Grip Head With Junior Pin

4- Quick Reverse Ear 1 1⁄4 ’’ for Square Pipe

2- 1 1⁄4 ’’ Connector Pipe for Square Pipe with Ears

4- Corner Pipe for 1 1⁄4 ’’ Square Pipe

2- Middle Connector for Square Pipe with 5/8’’ pin

1- 3’’ Baby Pin Wall Plate

4- Mafer Clamps

2 Cardellini Clamps

Circle Pipe Connector with Eat

Metal C Clamp

6’’ Metal Wall Plate with Baby

Swivel Pin

4- Platypus Clamps with baby


Locking Chain Clamps

4- Metal Straight Edge Clamp

9- Big Bens with

1 1/8’’ Pin Swivel Clamps

Baby 5/8’’OffsetArm

2- Junior Pin OffsetArm

Baby 5/8’’ Side Arm With

Movable Clamp Junior

1 1/8’’ Side Arm With Clamp

Metal Square Pipe Receiver


12- Square Stem Metal Wheel


Junior Pipe Receiver C Clamp

11- Junior Pin Pipe C Clamps

2- Baby Double Header 5/8’’

13- 2’’ Metal Clamps

26- 2’’ Metal Clamps13- 2’’ Metal


36- 3.5’’Plastic Clamps

6- 3.5’’ Metal Clamps


1- 8’x5’ Grey Supported Flats

2 FullApple Boxes

5- 1⁄2 Apple Boxes

5- 1⁄4 Apple Boxes

2- 1/8Apple Boxes

1/8Apple with Pigeon Plate


1- Wedge Crate (15 Regular, 12



3m Yellow Reflective Vests 1-

First Aid Kit

Contractor bags

Bag of Sunscreen, Hand

Sanitizers, Bug Spray WD40

Cleaning Rag Pack


2- 12ft Ladders

1- 6ft Ladder


1⁄2’’Black Rope Tie Spool for

Green Screen and Overheads

1- Precut Black Rope Tie Bundle

Zip Tie Bag

12- Bundle Precut

1’’Thick 5’ Rope

1- 1⁄4’’ x 100ft Rope

Safety Chain bag (15)

Bungee Cord Bag (5)


2 -Popup Chairs

1- Popup Tent

Box Contractor Bags 1’’Thick

Rope Spools

Additional Rachet Straps


Nylon Soft Flag Storage/Travel

Bags (1 large 4x4’, Matthews 1