For.A HVS-300HS 1M/E HANABI HD/SD Portable Video Switcher (Type B)

Price: $16000.00

For-A HVS-300HS-TYPEB HD/SD 1M/E Portable Video Switcher




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Comes With

For.A HVS-30GUI PC Control Software for HVS-300HS

For.A HVS-30PCO PC (DVI/VGA) Output Card for HVS-300HS

For.A HVS-30PCI PC (DVI/VGA) Input Card for HVS-300HS


The HVS-300HS 1M/E HANABI HD/SD Portable Video Switcher (type B) from For.A is a 1U switcher that offers (4) HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs. This "type B" model of the switcher refers to the combination of the HVS-300MU mains unit and a separate HVS-30OU operating unit. The mains unit is controlled with the separate desktop controller, although other control options are available.

This is a modular system and functionality can be expended by adding separately available accessories and input-output cards. Those options allow the switcher's functionality to be enhanced with remote control panels and support for other signal formats.

This "type B" model of the HVS-300 combines the HVS-300MU mains unit and a separate HVS-30OU operating unit
This unit only occupies 1U of rack space
Multiple control options are available
The switcher comes equipped with (4) HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs, but can be upgraded to support a maximum of (12) inputs and (8) outputs
A frame synchronizer, up-converter, and re-size engine are available on each input
Enhancing the functionality of the switcher is possible by adding a variety of I/O signal options with modular cards: HD/SD-SDI, DVI-I, HD/SD analog component, analog composite
A built-in, 16-split multiviewer supports 4-, 10-, or 16-split view with tally and title display
Dual picture-in-picture functionality is a standard feature
An up-stream keyer with chroma key and DSK both feature 2D DVE
It offers 2D and 3D DVE transitions
Over 100 wipe patterns are available
Two channels of still stores are supported