Canon HJ22ex7.6B IASE Hi Def. Broadcast Lens

Price: $19800.00

Canon HJ22ex7.6B IASE Hi Def. Broadcast Lens

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The highest-quality tele portable lens in its class from Canon, the HJ22ex7.6B benefits from the optical excellence of Canon’s e-HDxs system, featuring the precision control of the second generation of enhanced Digital Drive. As the replacement for Canon’s popular HJ21x7.8B, the HJ22ex gives users more of what they’re asking for in a small 4 lb. package, with an even wider angle of 7.6mm. Canon’s Crossover system, for switchable 16:9/4:3 version, is optional for even greater versatility.


Canon’s new HJ17ex7.6B takes HD portability even further as it replaces the widely used HJ16x8B. It is a fast lens (f 1.8), and features the performance of e-HDxs that uses Canon’s X-Element and Power Optical System for highest-quality optics in a compact and lightweight housing that weighs in at just 3.83 lbs. The optional flexibility of Crossover makes it a standout performer in 16:9 or 4:3 formats.


Key Features:

Enhanced Digital Drive - The e-HDxs technology is equipped with an informational display and Digital Function Selector, an X-Y axis switch, so that the user can customize the enhanced digital functions much more easily and precisely. This new design enables the user to bring out the digital functions fully.

User settings are both simple and easy to operate. Under settings included: speed preset, framing preset (2 memory positions now), shuttle shot, zoom track, new focus preset with IASD lens and others.

User settings for zoom and focus curve mode for precise control based upon the users requirement.

New AUX 1 and AUX 2 switches can be assigned for basic functions giving enhanced memory capability.

A precise movement mode can be memorized for the zoom seesaw control, zoom demand control and preset control.

The drive unit can memorize 9 patterns of user-customized settings and also transmit the data between different drive units.

Ecological Design - It is Canon's policy to not pollute the earth and through research, we are quickly reaching the goal. The e-HDxs technology has avoided using any materials or substances that could pollute the environment. The optical parts, featuring lead free glass, are designed to be completely non-polluting and the mechanical parts are virtually free of all harmful products to the earth, such as cadmium, PBBS*, PBDPE* or mercury. *PBBS: Poly Bromo Bi Phenyls *PBPDPE: Poly Bromo Di Phenyl Ethers

X – Element & Power Optical System - Canon has developed breakthrough optical design concepts using a newly developed optical element in the most effective way. We have named this design concept the “Power Optical System” which can achieve higher specifications and quality in a smaller size and lighter weight, using a unique optical “X-Element” which realizes complete elimination of its aberration.