Sony HDW-730S HDCAM Camcorder

Price: $8000.00

Sony HDW-730S HDCAM Camcorder

Comes with COLOR Viewfinder

Can also be purchased without the viewfinder

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OP 186 Hrs

Drum 72 Hrs

Thread 251

Tape 51 Hrs


Comes With

Sony HDVF-C30W  Color Viewfinder


Model Details

Power HAD IT Sensor technology
50i / 60i switchable recording modes
F10 at 2000 lux
54 dB Signal to noise ratio
-125dB smear
10 bit A/D
600% Dynamic Range
Turbo Gain (+42dB gain up) position
Built in HDSDI output
Single Optical Filter Wheel
Dual Earphone Output
Setup parameters can be stored to Memory Stick

The HDW-730S produces pictures with astonishing color reproduction accuracy. The Multi Matrix function also offers unique possibilities for creative intervention by allowing selective color enhancement of alteration. Multi Matrix allows a particular color to be selected and its hue changed over a range of approximately 20 degrees.

Color Balance 
Color Balance is widely accepted as one of the key settings for any shot. There are a number of ways of setting this when working with the HDW-730S.

Paint Functions 
Paint functions permit color levels to be adjusted on set according to the cinematographers creative needs. The picture can be changed electronically to make it warmer or colder. This feature can be used very creatively, particularly with scenes with mixed color lighting.

Contrast Range 
The HDW-730S can handle a very impressive contrast range. For the most challenging of light settings and associated scene conditions, a number of useful operational features are available that allow image optimization in real-time to help capture the desired mood of a shot.

Auto Tracing White Balance
This function allows automatic tracing of White balance in situations where overall color temperature of the lighting fluctuates.

Adaptive Detail Control 
Allows the image detail enhancement in the highlight area to look more natural

Skin Tone Detail 
This control the detail level of objects with specific color tonality allowing for a separate image enhancement (or de-enhancement) to occur in those color areas while not affecting the rest of the scene content.

Knee Saturation Control
The Sony TruEye processor is one of the most innovative features of Sony's ADSP development, and makes possible to reproduce very natural colors in a high contrast scene environment. Without TruEye, a color distortion can occur in which highlights take on a yellowish hue.