Panasonic AV-HS410 HD / SD Multi-Format Live Switcher

Price: $7350.00

Panasonic AV-HS410 HD / SD Multi-Format Live Switcher

Excellent Condition


Comes with

2- AV-HS04M1 Dual SDI Input cards

1- AV-HS04M2 DVI Input card

1- AV-HS04M3 Component input card

Anvil style road case




·    Supports standard HD / SD multi-format, including 1080 / 24PsF


·    System frequency is 59.94 / 50 / 24 Hz switchable, making the AV-HS410 perfect for digital cinema production and worldwide operation


·    A broad array of optional boards (not included) permits the input and output of analog component and various other signals


·    Each input channel boasts an integrated frame synchronizer for use in switching unsynchronized video signals. A gen-lock function also provides support for the synchronization of systems based on external sync signals (black burst or tri-level)


·    The AV-HS410 comes with an SD / HD up-converter function for 4 inputs, as well as a dot by dot function for 8 inputs. The dot by dot input may be utilized for P-in-P display of high-definition images from standard definition footage with no degradation


·    Four Aux and two P-in-P buses are provided. Borders and software effects are applicable to the P-in-P buses. The bus transition function (P-in-P bus and Aux bus switching effect) allows for a Cut transition as well as a Mix transition (Aux 1 only)


·    Standard wipe, mix and cut effects are included, as are DVE transition patterns using 2 channels, like reduce, slide, squeeze and 3D wipe. You can also elect circle wipe and page turn


·    You can save dual inputs for still (STILL) or moving (CLIP) images in Video Memory and can also select them as bus footage. Videos may be recorded and played with key signals for a maximum of roughly 20 sec / 600 frames with 59.94i


·    Video memory, shot memory, event memory and set-up data may all be saved to SDHC / SD memory cards (not included)


·    The Primatte image quality utilized globally for films, TV programs, music videos and commercials is achieved via the AV-HS410's real-time processing. Exceptional blue-spill processing naturally combines translucent objects like thin cloth and glass with background colors


·    The AV-HS410's Effect Dissolve function allows for smooth switching between a current image and one of the images or operations stored in shot memory


·    64 of the image effects registered in shot memory may be sequentially registered in the event memory for immediate recall. This enables highly expressive consecutive effects to be simply and smoothly executed. As many as 100 event memories can be registered


·    A new function, New Memory Preview enables you to preview shot memory and event memory content. It permits image effects to be confirmed with ease while on-air. This feature is especially convenient during live operation


·    LCD with WVGA (800 x 480) resolution is integrated into the control panel. You can switch among a broad array of various display modes, including setting menus, image monitoring and waveform / vectorscope. There is also MultiViewer and Memory Preview function support


·    The AV-HS410 offers comfortable operation that eliminates the need for viewing numerous displays in various locations


·    Allows you to divide the screen to show PVW, PGM and all source images on one screen. Permits 4 / 5 / 6 / 9 / 10 / 16 split screens. The input signal name, audio level meter and 4:3 marker may also be overlaid onto each screen


·    A total of 12 crosspoint buttons in each A and B bus, meaning a maximum of 22 with the Shift function, enable direct control with this intuitive panel design. Function settings and registrations can be done quickly and easily via the LCD monitor's matrix menu and rotary switches


·    A Software Development Kit (SDK) is included to allow third parties or SI enterprises to freely develop the software required to add new functions to the switcher

The Panasonic AV-HS410 HD / SD Multi-Format Live Switcher is a video production switcher boasting high performance and functionality in a compact form factor. Its intuitive user interface is designed for live production, while its plug-in compatibility makes for simple expansion. Nine standard inputs, including eight SDI and one DVI and six standard outputs, including five SDI and one DVI, are present on the unit. You can add an additional four inputs and four outputs (not included). The integrated 7.0" (17.8 cm) multi-mode color LCD monitor shows versatile menus, an image monitor, waveform / vectorscope and more.


High-quality Primatte chroma keying and versatile transitions, including DVE functions, are available to you, as well. An enhanced MultiViewer Display with as many as 16 splits allows for 9 screen variations, a clock, a level meter and 4:3 marker display. The switcher's Video Memory function allows playback of 2 channels of still images or video, while the Memory Preview function offers previews of shot memory and event memory image effects. The AV-HS410 supports Plug-in API functionality for external control, external camera control, output of status data and more. You'll also find a control panel with extra direct button control, a numeric keypad and more, letting you enjoy even greater ease of use.