EVS  XT-3 Replay 8 channel HD Replay Server

Price: $73000.00

EVS  XT-3 Replay 8 channel HD Replay Server
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6 Drive @300 GB in Each Raid Set

Multicam 11.01.25

2 Available

$76,000.00 per system

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Barbara Holler


Email barbara@newprovideo.com


Delivery After April 20th

Both servers are SD HD 8 channel boxes in perfect working order.  They will toss in (1) XT-Access, (1) X-File, and (3) IP Director to round it out and make a complete workflow scenario. 


Permanent Licenses

Authorize SD

Authorize HD

Authorize Video configuration change

Avid DNxHD

Apple Pro Res 422

Proxy Codec



AVC Intra

LSM Hypermotion

1080P Dual Link

1080P 3G



Mix on one channel

Server open config

LSM Base 1 play

LSM Base 2 play

LSM Base 3 play

LSM Base 4 play

LSM Base5 play

LSM Base 6 play

Demo play list management basic

Playlist Management Advanced

SDTI network advanced

Sony DD35 protocol

VDCP protocol

AVSP protocal/ IPDP

AVSP protocal/IPDP FX

Edit record


DB search Function

Keyword Assignment

Production screens


The highest number of SuperMotion camera support

The XT3 server is the most flexible choice for today’s live productions using high frame rate cameras. (SuperMotion permanent licsense not included in this systems) SuperMotion is the cornerstone of EVS’ business and the XT3 works seamlessly with every available SuperMotion camera on the market. Enrich your production with two, three, four, six, eight or ten time Supermotion to enhance your storytelling.

Loop recording technology

Your live production never stops and nor should your recording engines. EVS production servers have changed the way replays are produced by making recording a looped process that never ends. Focus on your production and all the live action. The XT3 production server gives users the confidence to never miss any action ever again

Native multi-codec support

The XT3 server is built to save you time and provide the highest-quality content. This is enabled by EVS’ support for the industry accepted native codecs that your production tools must accommodate. Whichever codec you prefer, the XT3 runs native in your format, eliminating wasted conversion steps..

Expandable Internal storage

Expand your production, not the complexity of your workflow.  Unlike other systems in the market, XT3 makes the expansion of your storage an easy task through various onboard and externally expandable storage options that yields up to 350+ hours in HD at 100Mbps.

Supports SD, to HD, to UHD-4K

An investment should ensure easy expansion to tomorrow’s standards.  When XT3 was born, UHD-4K was not on anyone’s mind, but the server platform continues to evolve with ever-changing production needs.  With the flexibility to switch your production’s standards, the XT3 makes sure you’re covered – now and in the future.