Canon HJ17ex7.6B IRSE Broadcast Lens

Price: $10800.00

Canon HJ17ex7.6B IRSE
Broadcast Lens


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Main Features

Realization of Miniaturization and Weight Reduction

The new design achieved a reduction in size that produced a total length of 206.4mm while also reducing the weight of the lens to 1.60kg (IRSE A type) which is crucial to more mobile shooting. Attention to the lens front end design in the form of an optical port diameter of only 82mm and a hood reduced in size so as to not occlude the camera operators viewing of the scene while shooting, further contribute to the dynamic shooting capabilities of the lens. 

Short Minimum Object Distance of 0.56m

By reducing the minimum object distance to 0.56m the lens can be better utilized within confined spaces allowing objects to be effectively imaged at short distances while operating with a wide angle of view facilitated by the minimum 7.6mm focal length. Design improvements have lowered optical aberrations at the wider angle and open aperture settings. 

High optical performance 

Accumulated design experiences allied with advances in optical technologies and manufacturing techniques have contributed to a higher level of overall imaging performance in the HJ17ex7.6B lens. In addition to providing a wider field of view some chromatic and monochromatic aberrations have been reduced. Specifically these include a lowering of longitudinal chromatic aberration at the longer focal lengths, and curtailment of spherical and comatic aberrations. Adoption of new optical materials also afforded a reduction in curvature of field. The lens focusing system has also been improved over the conventional 2-group inner focus in terms of a shorter MOD and improved resolution at the picture extremities especially over the
middle to telephoto focal range. 

New Ergonomic Drive Unit

Besides the exceptional optical performance, another remarkable character of this new lens is it’s newly designed drive unit. With the goal of pursuing ease of operation, Canon has reached a new design based on human ergonomics, refined by a long term research and testing. Of course, all the advantages from the current e-HDxs Digital Drive Unit such as "Information Display for user customize setting", "Rotary Encoder for virtual studio integration and precise control" and "Enhanced Digital Functions" are inherited to the
new drive unit.