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Sony HDW F900R CineAlta Sony HDW F900R CineAlta
Sony HDW F900R CineAlta Sony HDW F900R CineAlta

Sony HDW F900R CineAlta

Sony HDW F900R CineAlta HD Camcorder with Color View Finder



  • Down converter Board
  • Slow shutter
  • Intervelemoter/picture cache
  • Tripod Plate


Op 2268

Drum 1103

Tape 827

Threading 2080

Additional $2000.00 For
Sony HDVF-C30WR Color View Finder

The highly respected HDW-F900 camcorder has now been refined into the next-generation HDW-F900R, offering a variety of further enhanced functionalities. The HDW-F900R camcorder records
images in accordance with the CIF (Common Image Format) standard, which specifies a sampling structure of 1920 x 1080 active pixels (horizontal x vertical). Plus, as well as recording at 24P, the HDW-F900R camcorder is switchable to record at 25P, 29.97P progressive scan, and also at 50 or 59.94 Hz interlaced scan.

The HDWF900R also provides a comprehensive range of features for creative shooting such as enhanced gamma features and colorimetry controls. Plus, the design of the HDW-F900R is highly compact and lightweight, giving users higher levels of mobility and comfort when shooting. 

To further enhance the creative and operational versatility of the camcorder, a wide range of optional accessories are available. These include a picture cache board, a 2-3 Pull-down and down converter board, and a slow-shutter board. In combination with its renowned 24P capability and attractive cost efficiency,
all of these great functionalities make the HDW-F900R the perfect solution for shooting television series , documentaries, commercials, as well as motion pictures.


  • Camera image capture
         complies with the ITU-R, BT 709-3 Recommendation for High Definition
         Production and International Programe Exchange
  • Equipped with  2/3" type 2,200,00 sensor FIT imager, providing high resolution 16:9
  • Compact, lightweight and robust body design with cinematography accessories attached
  • Continuous recording time of up to 50 minutes (24P mode)
  • Newly developed LSI for ADSP (advanced digital signal processor) improves picture quality,
         ensuring picture stability and operational reliability while reducing
         total power consumption