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Sony DSR-390 DVCam Camcorder
Sony DSR-390 DVCam Camcorder

Sony DSR-390 DVCam Camcorder

Sony DSR-390 Camcorder






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Sony RM-VJ1 remote with LCD monitor & Mic Flt Case

The Sony DSR-390 is a CCD professional camcorder for serious
industrial shooter, event videographers, and even low budget digital filmmakers. For a truly professional camera it is light in weight and easy to
use. Advanced features include low-light and bright-light sensitivity, easy to master menu systems, custom picture settings with memory, sophisticated exposure controls and it can even power an on-camera sungun. The camera has a 6-pin Firewire connector that will allow you to connect to an outboard hard-disk or directly to a non-linear edit system.

DVCAM Digital Component Recording

Sony's professional format DVCAM uses the common 6 millimeter tapestock to record 8 bit component video with 5:1 compression and 4:1:1 sampling for super high quality, multi-generation capability and production flexibility.

Power HAD CCDs

The DSR-390 integrates three 1/2-inch Interline Transfer (IT) type CCDs to deliver 800 lines of resolution. These CCDs deliver a wide dynamic range of 65 dB, they are very sensitive to low light levels with f/13 @ 2000 Lux specification. A highly advanced vertical smear number of (-)115 dB that gives true colors and good contrast even when shooting directly at a bright object.

TruEye Process

One function of the DSR-390's Digital Signal Processor is the TruEye system. TruEye processes brightness, hue, and saturation data that can be customized to your individual requirements. Especially useful in extreme lighting conditions with areas of dramatic contrast TruEye achieves more natural skin-tones and other more realistic subtle color representations.

Dyna-Latitude Contrast Processing

A sub-feature of the TruEye processing is Dyna-Latitude. By managing the contrast of each pixel compared with those around it, the DSR-390 more efficiently utilizes the dynamic range of the video signal. This feature allows for control over scenes with wide exposure ranges. As an example exposing for a dark portion of a scene doesn't have to overexpose the brighter portions.

Pre-Programmed Lighting Set-Up Files

Most industrial shoots occur using standard lighting packages or in natural daylight. The DSR-390 has 5 preset lighting values including standard, high saturation, fluorescent, film-look, and low resolution-look to refer to quickly. 3 additional user files allows custom set parameters for special conditions and custom looks.

Advanced Menu Set-Up Parameters

Custom set-up parameters for special shooting conditions or custom looks are logged on a special place on the DVCAM cassette called VAUX (video auxiliary). In situations of reshooting or matching existing footage, checking the VAUX will give a great head start for re-creating previous shots. The 10 parameters that VAUX log include:

Master Black


Detail Level

Vertical Detail Level

Master Gamma

Detail Frequency