Panasonic AJ-SDX900 2/3-inch 3CCD DVCPRO50 Camera-Recorder

Price: $3900.00

Panasonic AJ-SDX900 2/3-inch 3CCD DVCPRO50 Camcorder

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Comes With
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Tripod plate



Op.: 900

Drum: 1180

This camera records Panasonic's DVCPro version of the DV format,
but it does so at two different rates - 25mps and 50mps. The Panasonic SDX lets
you set the frame to either standard 4:3 or wide-screen 16:9. It's true 16:9.
The SDX900 lets you select four different frame modes - standard 60i (60 fields
per second, interlace), 30p (30 frames per second, progressive scan), or
24p/24pa (24 frames per second, progressive scan, to achieve a