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Panasonic AJ HDX400E Pal DVCPRO HD Camcorder Panasonic AJ HDX400E Pal DVCPRO HD Camcorder Panasonic AJ HDX400E Pal DVCPRO HD Camcorder
Panasonic AJ HDX400E Pal DVCPRO HD Camcorder Panasonic AJ HDX400E Pal DVCPRO HD Camcorder Panasonic AJ HDX400E Pal DVCPRO HD Camcorder

Panasonic AJ HDX400E Pal DVCPRO HD Camcorder

Panasonic AJ HDX400E Pal DVCPRO HD-LP (1080/59.94i) Pal Format

Condition of Equipment

Operating:   Very Good  
Cosmetic:Very Good


Operation: 104x10h

Drum Running: 0067x10h

Threading : 02742


B & W View Finder

Microphone (Mono)

Tripod Plate


Optimal balance and operating ease for comfortable shooting

  • F10 sensitivity and digital super gain
  • Enhanced image quality with 12-bit A/D, 12-axis color correction, and cine-like gamma
  • A new approach to HD acquisition with digital zooming and a pre-recording function
  • A DVCPRO HD-LP VTR section that uses the compact M cassette
  • Stereo recording with 4-channel audio input and a 5-pin XLR mic
  • Complete with SD down-converter out, and ready for a GPS unit and slot-in wireless receiver
  • VTR section: High-quality recording of progressive scan images.
  • The functions that professionals need, in a compact, lightweight unit with low power consumption.
  • Ideal for mainstream HD acquisition and recording, the AJ-HDX400 is equipped with a host of impressive functions, including digital super gain (frame cumulative mode) and digital zoom. With high sensitivity and superb image quality, the AJ-HDX400 offers excellent balance, easy operation, and solid reliability. The AJ-HDX400 proves that great results start with a great camera.
  • F10 sensitivity, digital super gain, and line mix
  • 12-bit A/D signal processing for better overall picture quality, with finer gradation, and improved color expression
  • Newly developed 2/3" 3-CCD HD shooting system for high image quality and low smear
  • Cine-like gamma curve lets you closely replicate the high-quality look and feel of film
  • Standard HD-SDI output and built-in SD (NTSC) composite output
  • Digital Zoom provides image size increase by 400% without the 2 f-stop loss of the conventional optical lens extender
  • Auto tracking white balance
  • Four built-in user scene files and SD Memory Card slot for storing up to eight files
  • Multi-function Zebra for contrast adjustment or auto white balance setting
  • Precise color management with linear matrix color, 12-axis color correction, and shading correction
  • Versatile DTL functions, including skin DTL and continuously variable DTL peak frequency
  • Auto knee circuit produces wide dynamic range
  • SynchroScan electronic shutter
  • Light 9.4 lbs. and well balanced body
  • Four-channel 48 kHz, 16-bit digital audio and 5-pin XLR mic jack
  • Pre-recording (up to 10 seconds), retake, and interval recording
  • Available UniSlot wireless receiver
  • Available GPS unit
  • Power-save management
  • Color bars
  • Built-in SMPTE timecode generator/reader with timecode in/out terminal

Developed for HD acquisition and recording, the AJ-HDX400 provides both 1080/25P (sF) and 1080/50i HD recording to meet professional needs in areas for production of dramas and television commercials.

The camera section combines high sensitivity and image quality with a host of new functions highlighted by digital super gain and digital zoom. The DVCPRO HD VTR section features a compact, lightweight body design that ensures superb mobility, balance and operating ease. Add it up, and the AJ-HDX400 is high-end, high-cost-performance digital HD camera-recorder that's reliable, easy to carry, and comfortable to use.