Phantom MIRO 320S HI Speed Digital Cinema Camera Package

Price: $29000.00



Phantom MIRO 320S Camera Package



1,500 fps at 1920 x 1200


Key Features


  • Max recording of 1500 fps at 1920x1080 resolution
  • CineFlash storage technology – Record to non-volatile storage devices and download using docking station (included) and Phantom Camera Control Software
  • Internal capping shutter
  • Immediate playback

Comes with

1-Phantom MIRO 320S Camera body w/Canon EF mount

1-MIRO PL lens mount

1-AbelCine MIROBOB

1-Vision Research PCC software

2-Cine flash 120gb solid state drives

1-Cine flash reader and power cable w/2 USB 3 & e sata cables

1-I Phantom wi-fi station with Ethernet cable (for use with IPhantom App)

1-25 ft. PCU cable

1-50 ft. PCU cable

1-Phantom PCU control unit

1-Phantom Pickle switch

1-Phantom short trigger cable to top handle

1-Anton Bauer adapter to Phantom MIROBOB

1-25 ft. Ethernet cable

1-Phantom AC power supply with cables

1-2570 Pelican case with wheels


Vision Research has expanded their high-speed camera offerings with the introduction of the Phantom Miro M-Series. The new Miro M line opens up the phenomenal power of Phantom high-speed digital cameras to more filmmakers with a variety of applications. The Miro M320S can capture up to 1500 frames per second at 1920x1080 resolution, with both on board RAW recording and HD-SDI output. Miro M compliments the entire Phantom camera line-up including the high-end Phantom Flex (for Production) and the v641 (for Broadcast).


Each Miro M-Series camera is compatible with Vision Research's new and unique CineFlash storage technology. These removable, non-volatile storage devices slide into the camera body and provide a way to quickly save shots from the camera's memory without the need for time-consuming and costly downloads.


The Phantom Miro M-Series supports four lens mounts: F-, C-, PL- or EOS. EOS mounts allow the use of Canon EF and EF-S automated lenses. Adjust lens aperture and focus remotely using the PCU Control Unit for Phantom or the Phantom Camera Control software. These cameras also have a number of other advanced features including an internal capping shutter, Image-Based Auto-Trigger, camera synchronization, immediate playback of recorded cines, and more.