Product Review: The Steadicam Zephyr Stabilizer

Do you need a helping hand with your production shoots, or perhaps just want to increase the amount of professional video equipment that you have on offer, so that you’re ready for any occasion?

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Well, whatever tasks you have ahead of you in your production schedule, this helping hand could come in the form of a stabilizer that makes it easier to shoot on-the-go productions, and to do so in a way that accounts for a payload with a weight of 24 pounds, and provides extra features to help for optimal performance as well.

It’s available at the New Pro Video listings right now, and it comes with a weight balance system that guarantees even calibration and gets support from a base that’s easy to adjust. With that accessibility, you can raise or lower your vantage point so that your vision is not compromised, and it all comes with the brace and other pieces of equipment that give your operator freedom to move around.

The package available through New Pro, valued at $7,950, also contains auxiliary material like a mount for the battery and the power cable needed to run the special HD monitor included. Fluid movement that will still grant the operator control and specificity can be found in this system this way. For more information, check out the extensive list of details yourself.

Because New Pro is a qualified and dependable broker, you can also count on our website to have approved the quality of this rig. We expect that the new and used professional video equipment you want will see a high level of use once you obtain it.