Maintaining high quality footage in combat zones

Any situation in which there might be a high degree of action and risk requires the right kind of durable equipment. Although different brands have different things to offer, there are many different kinds of companies that can give production outfits a chance to shine when out and about.

Government Video recently posted a piece about the types of video cameras being used in battle situations and what qualities make for the best footage. The way they write, it's all about lenses, not just to capture details at the right frequency but to keep a standard of versatility. Whatever video camcorders you choose, we can help to fill this void.

It shouldn't surprise camera enthusiasts or regular readers of this blog that Sony equipment is among those brands listed in this article, by Frank Klimko. It quotes Jon Alpert, a filmmaker who has recently been involved in combat, on what he turns to his Sony HXR-NX30U for.

"We rely on that camera in adverse situations, either in tight quarters in armored personnel carriers or when we are running toward something or running away from something that is trying to kill us," Alpert says. "It's light and makes tremendous pictures." 

In addition, the piece also notes that this cameras uses Zeiss lenses, a product that New Pro Video is happy to help users find. And other brands, like Panasonic, also have cameras that have been put to the same purpose.

Outfit yourself with everything you need to take high-quality battle photography, and do it in a way that fits within your budget.