British court now to allow cases to be filmed

Perhaps your production company has been holding off on making an important purchase because you simply don't have a project or situation that requires an immediate upgrade, or necessitates a change on that level. That may be only a temporary situation, however, depending on certain developments that might suddenly open up new possibilities for material.

For example, the BBC has reported that the U.K. Court of Appeals, previously off-limits to camera crews, now has seen its first live broadcast of a case (with some particular provisions). Sudden precedents like this have the ability to change the game when it comes to your broadcast company's activities and be just the spark you need to start seeking out used broadcast equipment for sale to be ready for the new arena of broadcast.

The article on the BBC is clear about some of the conditions under which cameras may be allowed, which includes only certain portions of cases in certain types of courts. However, James Harding, the BBC's director of news, still described this as a positive step forward.

"It is a significant step on the way to helping millions of viewers gain a greater understanding of how our judicial system works," he said.

The subject of this case involved a forgery scheme and drew attention to the momentous aspect of the occasion.

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