Sony J Series Compact Player

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Sony J Series Compact Player 

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J Series Compact Player with analog component video output and i.LINK interface. Provides Betacam , Betacam SP, and Betacam SX playback compatibility. Plays both large-size and small-size cassettes. The J-10's i.LINK interface opens the door to the DV World for Betacam users


Compact body design

Compatible with both small and large cassettes

NTSC / PAL versatility

i.LINK interface

Flexible audio outputs

Ideal for presentations

Shot Mark compatible



Compact body design

Perfect for desktop, space-constrained or awkward environments.


525/625 versatility

Switchable between 525/60 and 625/50 playback modes, enabling playback in international environments.


i.LINK interface

Connecting a J-10 with a DV device via a single i.LINK cable, 1/2" Betacam series materials, including even 20 year old archives, can be converted to a 25 Mbps DV signal (video, audio and time code are transferred) and transferred to a DV device. 


Flexible audio outputs.

Audio from Ch 1/2, CH 3/4, and Cue track can be selected as outputs for the analog outputs and headphone jack.


Powerful playback capability

The J-10 has the capability to playback Betacam, Betacam SP and Betacam SX tape recording.