Panasonic BT-LH80WP 7.9" LCD Monitor Multi Format SD/HD Widescreen

Price: $1050.00

Panasonic BT-LH80WP 7.9" LCD Monitor
Multi Format SD/HD Widescreen

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"The Industry Standard"


The BT-LH80W 16:9 HD/SD LCD monitor is a versatile solution for studio and field monitoring. The compact 7.9" multi-format LCD monitor features advanced video processing technology and delivers high-resolution (800 x 450 pixel) playback and production-quality performance with advanced focus assists for critical focusing in HD. This compact, low-power unit can double as an electronic viewfinder for use with Panasonic high definition camcorders 1. The LH80W is ideal for use in dual rack mounts and mobile vehicles.


Key Features

  • Focus Assistance includes a Focus-in-Red function (the outlines turn red when sharp focus is achieved) and a Pixel-to-Pixel 2.4X function (to help sharpen focus)
  • Advanced video processor ensures industry's lowest delay
  • Lightweight design allows for easy on-camera mounting, especially with optional BT-MOUNT
  • 15-pin viewfinder terminal can connect to the 20-pin viewfinder connection on select Panasonic high definition camcorders 2
  • Can be powered from select Panasonic high definition camcorders 3 (12V, 1.5 Amps)
  • 800 x 480 pixel WVGA resolution panel (effective 800 x 450)
  • Simple Cross Hatch overlay function allows users to check camera tilt and composition
  • Waveform Monitoring, Blue Only and Marker
  • Displays 4:3 aspect ratio images
  • RS-232C and GPI remote control terminals
  • Tally (Front: Red/Green, Back Tally: Red)
  • Power Supply: Anton Bauer Gold Mount, 4-in XLR, or special 4-pin cable from camera
  • Optional RAK-80 rack mount holds two BT-LH80Ws side-by-side



Video Input:             

  • Video: BNC x 1
  • Y/PB/PR/RGB: BNC x 3
  • (Y shares with Video)
  • SDI: BNC x 1
  • (Effective only when the optional BT-YA80G is installed)
  • VF: D-SUB, 15pin x 1