T 18 CamMate Travel Series

Price: $8950.00

T 18 CamMate Travel Series

Good Working Condition!
The head is 360 and it has a Dutch

Comes with

  •  Head
  •  Electronics
  •  Tripod
  •  Hard Studio Wheels
  •  Cases


Lens Height:18ft - 5.49m

Reach:13ft - 3.96m

Total Length:16'5" - 5.00m

Ballast Needed:132 lbs. - 59.87 kilos

Weight of Crane:82 lbs - 37.19 kilos


CamMate Travel Series is a more economical version that consists of four-foot sections packed in durable hard cases for frequent location traveling.

In addition to their strong aerospace design, the Travel series features 15 minute set up times; configuration changes in 10 minutes and electronic

head inversions in less than 30 seconds. All of these design features make your job on location faster and easier