Sachtler Artemis DV Pro Steadicam kit

Price: $3800.00


Sachtler Artemis DV Pro Steadicam Kit


Barely Used!


Comes with 
Sachtler 4950 Vest
2-Pelican cases

-Vest has back mounted design allowing for 80% of weight to be on user's hip. Can be adjusted to fit any body size.

-Articulating dual parallel-action Spring Arm can be adjusted for resistance— also comes with four spring canisters for additional customization and to allow for heavier loads.

-Internal wiring capable of carrying HD signal.
-Kit comes with C-Stand docking bracket for balancing.

-Adjustable camera plate.

-Sony V-lock batteries.

-Built of light weight aircraft grade steel and aluminum, 6.6 pounds.
-Load capacity up to 9.9 pounds

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