Panasonic AV-HS400 8x HD/SDI Flight Pak with Custom Anvil rolling Cases

Price: $6950.00

Custom Flight Pack with Panasonic Panasonic HS400 Switcher
Meticulously Maintained!

Only traveled in the owners truck!

Excellent working Condition!

Panasonic HS400 Switcher
Populated with
2-Panasonic Dual SDI Input Board (AV-HS04M1)
1-Panasonic Dual DV Input Card (AV-HAS04M3)
1-Panasonic Analog input Board (AV-HSO4M2)

1-Leader HD/SD - SDI Rasterizer (LeaderLV7330)
1-Rackmount For Lv7330 (Leader-2481-U)

2-Evertz E Net Remote Pnl 32x32 Xy (CP-2402E)
1-16x16 HD/SD Bypass Routers + 3ru Rear Plate (7700R 16X16 -HD+3RU)
Evertz Master Sync 1.4 Pulse Gen rat + HD/SDI Test Gen +Ps Option(5600MSC+HTG+2PS)
Evertz VIP16 HD/SDI Inputs Duo + 3ru Rear (7867VIPA16-DUO-HS+3RU)
Quiet Multi-frame + 360w Power Supply (7800FR-QT+78PQT)
2ps Quiet Front Fan Retro Kit (7800FR-QT-KIT2)

Evertz 3ru Multi-frame (7800FR+8PS)
11-Hd/Sdi Relocking Da7 Outpt + 3ru Rear Plate (770DA7-HD+3RU)
4-7 Output Analog Vid Dist. Amp + 3ru Rear Plate (7700ADA7+3RU)
3RU 16X16 BNC Panel w/custom wiring