Ikegami HDK79E Fiber Camera Chains (2)

Price: $23500.00

2 Ikegami HDK 79 Fiber Camera Chains

Price is for both chains!

In Very Good Working & Cosmetic Condition!




2-HDK79E Cameras 
2-T91 Tripod plates
2-Ikegami VF46HD ENG viewfinders
1-Ikegami VF131HDA Studio View Finder
2-CCU 790 w/power cables 
2-OCP 200 with connecting cable to CCU
2-FR-79 Fiber Kits

(fiber cable not included)

Digital process ASICThe video signals are digitalized with 12-bit A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal digital processing (quantization) circuits. 

DTL Correction
A detail correction system, including digitally processed horizontal, vertical and diagonal correction signal for red, green and blue video, is incorporated into the camera head, and obtains noise-free full resolution HDTV picture quality even if the camera is used in stand-alone configuration. 

Independent DTL
With Independent DTL system in the CCU, the type and amount of compensation can be optimized for the different requirements of HDTV and SDTV. 

2.2 Million pixel 2/3-inch FIT CCDs

12bit A/D Conversion/38-bit internal digital processing circuits

Multi-standard / Simulcast Broadcasting (1080i / 480i interlace output standard, 720p / 480p progressive output Option)Multi-standard / Simulcast Broadcasting
2/3-inch 2,200,000-pixel FIT CCDs 2/3-inch 2,200,000-pixel
1080i FIT CCD image sensors are employed to achieve superb picture quality with a
horizontal resolution of 1,000 lines and a S/N ratio of 56dB. 
Designed for DTV

HDK-790E/79E is designed as a Multi-use Camera to meet the format requirements of HDTV (1080i/720p) and SDTV (480i/480p).

The CCD read out can be switched between interlace and progressive scan modes. The signal can be converted in the CCU to different formats. 
Simulcast  (High-end HDTV and NTSC Camera)

Using a down converter incorporated in the CCU as standard, the HDK790E/79E can be operated as a high-end NTSC studio camera.

A high sampling frequency of 28.64MHz achieves maximum resolution of 900TV lines in the NTSC format.
Both HDTV video and SDTV (NTSC) are provided simultaneously from the CCU and in both digital and analog form. Monitoring video signals (WFM and PM) are likewise provided in both HDTV and SDTV to adapt to different system installations and to permit continued use of conventional monitoring.