SOLD! Alexa Classic Body 16:9 with Hi Speed License

Price: $9200.00

Alexa Classic Body 16:9 with Hi Speed License 


Only 1083 Hours!

Owner Operator Camera!


Comes with

1- Arri Alexa high speed license 
1- EVF-1 eyepiece 
1- VEB 1- extension bracket 
1- BPA 1 - base plate adaptor 
1- CCH-1 carry handle 
1- HEB 2 - handle extension bracket 
1- VMB - mounting bracket 
1- Port cap 
1- Handheld shoulder pad

1- Anton Bauer V Mount Battery back 
1- KC151-S eyepiece long cable 
2- KC150-S eyepiece short cable

1-Arri leveling block

1-Arri Wedge Adapter (WA-1) for Sony tripod plate

1-AC power supply ABEL

1-ABEL Arri Power Cable – 10ft.

1-SD Card

5-Pin Angled XLR-M Stereo Cable – 24”

1-Arri Handgrip with cable

1- Alexa custom foamed case
1- KC151-S eyepiece long cable 
2- KC150-S eyepiece short cable

4- Sony SxS Pro 32gb cards SBP-32 
2- Sony SxS Pro 64gb card SBP-64A

1-SxS Card Reader - thunderbolt



The ARRI ALEXA Digital Cinema camera is designed for broadcast, motion picture and commercial applications. Using the new ALEV III Super-35 sized CMOS Bayer-pattern sensor, the ALEXA is capable of 1920x1080 HD outputs as well as 3.5K Uncompressed RAW. ALEXA shoots 1-60fps with a base sensitivity of 800 ISO and can record in ProRes via internal hot-swap SxS cards, or output Uncompressed HD-SDI or ARRIRAW.


The original ALEXA comes with a 16:9 sensor and the original SxS Module that accepts two SxS PRO cards for recording in-camera ProRes or DNxHD. ARRIRAW recording is possible with an external recorder.


Film-like, organic look


Wide exposure latitude


  • 14+ stops over the entire EI range as measured with the ARRI Dynamic Range Test Chart
  • extended, clean highlights
  • extremely low noise floor


High sensitivity


  • base EI 800
  • adjustable from EI 160 to EI 3200


ARRI color science


  • natural color reproduction, especially for skin tones
  • excellent color separation
  • holds up very well when over or underexposed


Sharp, natural images for HD, 2K or 4K deliverables


Multiple output options


  • ARRIRAW (1), ProRes, DNxHD and HD-SDI
  • Log C or Rec 709 gamma
  • ARRI Look Files for custom looks
  • metadata embedded in all file formats and outputs




  • uncompressed, unencrypted raw sensor data
  • greatest image quality from ALEXA
  • greatest flexibility in post
  • best option for future-proof archiving


Apple ProRes


  • all five Apple ProRes codecs
  • HD or 2K (1)
  • pre-recording (1)
  • native Final Cut Pro support




  • MXF wrapped files (SMPTE standard compliant)
  • DNxHD 145, DNxHD 220x and DNxHD 444 codecs (1)
  • native Avid Media Composer support