SONY PDW-F350 - XDCAM™ HD Camcorder

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SONY PDW-F350 - XDCAM™ HD Camcorder

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Op. 660

Spindle 365

Laser 26

Load 1166

Seek 363


Comes with

 B&W Viewfinder

Op Manual


The Sony PDW-F350 brings selectable frame rate recording to the CineAlta family line up. Commonly known as "overcranking" and "undercranking", Sony calls this function Slow & Quick Motion. In addition, not only does the PDW-F350 record in true 24P, but also 25P and 30P at 50i or 60i. And because the XDCAM system is file based recording, users can realize all the associated benefits. To name a few; instant random access and replay of clips, IT network capability and "Proxy data". Proxy data, a lower resolution of the material, can be conveniently used for immediate logging on location, off-line editing, daily rushes and sending the material via FTP for client approvals and more. The PDW-F350 offers HD recording in 1080/59.94i, 50i, 29.97P, 25P and native 23.98P and the operator can also select the desired bit rate to record in, either 35, 25 or 18 Mb/s depending on the desired picture quality and recording length. Being a dual format camcorder, it can also record in SD mode at 25 Mb/s


  • Three 1/2-inch-type CCDs
  • Overcranking and undercranking: selectable frame rates from 4 to
        60 fps in 1 fps increments
  • Equipped with a lens connector (a 2/3-inch-type lens can be used
        via the optional lens adaptor)
  • Switchable recording between MPEG HD or DVCAM formats
  • Longest recording time of any HD camcorder currently available:
        more than 120 min. (18 Mb/s)
  • Four-channel uncompressed audio recording: 16-bit/48 kHz
  • 16:9, 3.5-inch (viewable area measured diagonally) type color
        LCD display
  • Built-in optical ND filter (four positions)
  • Slow shutter (up to 64-frame accumulations)
  • Interval recording function for time lapse recording
  • Auto focus function (compatible optional lens is required)
  • Thumbnail display with instant access and replay of clips
  • Scene Selection function for in-camera cuts-only editing
  • Input: Front stereo microphone, analog audio (2-ch), timecode,
  • Output: HD-SDI, SD analog composite, timecode
  • i.LINK interface that supports File Access Mode and DV OUT
  • HD down-conversion capability: DV output via i.LINK (DV OUT)
        port or base-band SD output via analog component
  • Freeze Mix function
  • A Simple Remote Commander™ unit is supplied