Panasonic AJ-HDC27F P DVCPRO HD Varicam Camcorder

Price: $2700.00

 Panasonic AJ-HDC27FP DVCPRO HD Varicam Camcorder


Comes with

View Finder  AJ-HVF27 P.



Op.  1670

Drum 1030

Threading 15340


Model Details

Variable frame rate HD cinema camera enables 46 minutes recording on 1/4” tape in large-sized cassettes.
High quality multiple frame-rate production camera with exceptional system ergonomics 1.1-Million Pixel interline transfer (IT) 3-CCD
Resolution of approximately 850 lines for creating rich images
Electronic shutter with optical filter wheel

Switchable frame rates between 4–33 fps (single step) and 36, 40, and 60 fps
Native 720p camcorder but can be used for 60 fps or film-quality 60 fps acquisition
New digital signal processing (DSP) system for high precision color
LCD status menu and diagnostic system
HD-SDI video output and external camera control capability
Low power consumption and no fan, assuring quiet operation.
Ideal for special effects in music videos, sci-fi dramas and dream sequences


  • Three 2/3" IT CCD 1 Million pixels
  • Records 720 progressive High Definition signals
  • Weighs about 7 kg in full operating condition
  • 39 W power consumption
  • Maximum recording 46 minutes utilizing DVCPRO HD cassette tapes
  • Minimum illumination 0.7 lux
  • High sensitivity 2000 lux at F12
  • Variable frame rates from 4 fps to 60 fps (in single increments)
  • Film gamma curve selectable
  • Film user menu
  • Scan reverse circuit for image reversal, slide base, and matte boxes
  • Electronic shutter plus synchro-scan
  • Two HD SDI output lines
  • Dual filter wheels: ND and CC
  • Genlock video and time code input
  • Two channels of 16-bit 48kHz digital audio
  • Optional AJ-VF27WP 2" B/W HD viewfinder
  • Optional AQ-EC3P extension control unit
  • Optional PCMCIA multimedia card to save scene files