Dedo Light Kit K12B

Price: $2450.00

Dedo Light Kit K12B
Hard to find Used Light Kit! 

Whats included

24V Tungsten Lights


4-Barn Doors

Gel Holders

Pelican Case



The Dedolight Basic 4-Light Kit is a complete lighting kit centered around the DLH4 light head. The DLH4 light head is extremely compact, yet with its dual-lens concept provides superb light output. With a 100W lamp in the flood position, its light output is greater than a 300W Fresnel studio fixture. In the spot position, it equals or exceeds a 1000W Fresnel studio fixture. The inexpensive lamps provide exceptional economy, coupled with outstanding life expectancy.


Each light (output) can be individually and independently switched in four distinct steps, each increasing color temperature and output. Each of the four connector sockets has its own individual four-position control knob which changes the color temperature of the light (from 3400° to 3200° or 3000° Kelvin) and can turn off all power to the head it controls. 

This kit supplies barndoors, innovative grip equipment for mounting heads in awkward places, light stands, many extra bulbs and a hard transport case.


Powering Options Wide range of powering options, from battery to AC power with color
temperature control Mirror A high quality mirror reflects light through meniscus and condenser lenses, providing a much higher light output than would be expected

Advanced Optical Design Due to an advanced optical design, these heads create a flat, even bright light, with a narrow beam spread Clean Beam Precision lighting by a clean beam means practically no stray light .